AJS & Matchless Tail Pieces 1949-55

It's like shooting a moving target, these tail pieces seemed to change shape from month to month.  It has been tough finding any two samples that measure the same, but after much effort we have found a good interpretation of the changes through this post-war period.  There are 5 different versions we now make, all of which have a folded tail end and are valanced. 
1949 is short, duckbilled, hinged with no rib.  #47AJSTF-1 AU$440
1950 is short duckbilled, hinged and ribbed.  #47AJSTF-2  AU$480
1951 and 52 is long duckbilled, hinged and ribbed #47AJSTF-3  AU$480
1953 and 54 is long, no duckbill, bolted (2 bolts) and ribbed #47AJSTF-4  AU$430
1955 is long, no duckbill, bolted (1 bolt) and ribbed #47AJSTF-5  AU$430
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